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Technical Service

One of main PetroNick priorities is carrying out after-sale technical service. Mobility, efficiency in repairing and engineering works is the basic principles of our Technical Service Department. Its mobile subdivisions, having specially equipped transport vehicles at its disposal, can get to the customer in several hours.


In case of complex repair Technical Service Department provides the customer with units and spare parts from PetroNick reserve stock to avoid stopping of machinery at customer’s site. Availability of spare parts at company’s storehouse, performing any repair at the factory workshops and mobile technical service allows saving customer’s time cost for fault handling and improving productivity.

The staff of Technical Service Department is all skilled technicians, who had special training at the factories of our foreign partners.




Repair service

PetroNick carries out qualified factory repair of construction machinery (wheel loaders, graders and so on) as well as agricultural equipment. Due to the high efficiency of the staff and our production facilities we perform following items of work:

- engine complete overhaul (DEUTZ, STEYR WD-613, WD-615, WD-618, CUMMINS, CATERPILLAR)
- transmission complete overhaul (gear box, main and planetary reducers)
- repairing of brake system mechanisms
- repairing of hydraulic system units
- repairing of frame and rigging

PetroNick also specializes in repairing of construction machinery, trailers and semi-trailers. There’s a workshop for performing all kinds of repairing and rebuilding of semi-trailers of all types at our factory.

The company provides with a wide range of spare parts from stock and by order.