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Wheel Loader PN 920

Фронтальный погрузчик PN 920
Фронтальный погрузчик PN 936
Фронтальный погрузчик PN 956
Фронтальный погрузчик PN 966
Вилочные погрузчики CPCD-20 и CPCD-30
Грейдер PY180G и PY220G
Колесный мини-погрузчик с бортовым разворотом  PN 750
Погрузчик–  PN 980
Фронтальный погрузчик с челюстным захватом PN 936. PN 956
Фронтальный погрузчик PN 920
Фронтальный погрузчик PN 936
Фронтальный погрузчик PN 956

Dong Fang engine. Function of bucket leveling automatically. Volume of standard bucket 1.0 cubic meter. Dump height 2610 mm. Full speed
27 kg/h. Volume of fuel tank 160 L.

Wheel Loader PN 920


*Wheel loader PN 920 is equipped with well proved Dong Fang engine, which together with reliable transmission, guarantees excellent technical characteristics of the machine.

*Articulated frame ensures small turning radius of the wheel loader.

*Bucket of the wheel loader flattens automatically, which gives the possibility to improve working efficiency and reduces driver’s labour intensity.

*Application of high quality steel provides reliability of the whole construction while using the wheel loader in different operating conditions.

*Z-shape tipping mechanism of the bucket provides maximum digging force and efficiency of the bucket.

*All pins and shafts are provided with dust-proof devices.

*Safety and comfortable full-sealed with shock absorption cabin is designed with wide field of vision, it has cool and hot air conditioning.

*Operator’s seat is characterized with advanced comfort.

*Controls are placed in accordance with ergonomics, they are simple and easy to use.

*Pneumatic/hydraulic disc type of brakes is effective and reliable.

*All hydraulic hoses are durable and situated very convenient, all elements of hydraulic system are sealed and reliable.

*Wheel loader PN 920 is equipped with effective hydraulic / mechanic transmission with the possibility to change gears under load.

*Rather convenient location of refilling tanks and service zones makes it easy to provide technical maintenance.

General Data
Bucket Volume m 3 1.0
Digging capacity kN 55
Loading capacity t 2.0
EngineModel Dong Fang
Rated power kW 60
Rated revolution r/min 2400
Rated consumption of fuel g/kW · h 224
Max. torque N.m 260
Overall movement time s 9.4
Max. traction kN 54
Brake System Hydraulic/pneumatic
+ handbrake
Dumping height mm 2610
Dumping distance mm 850
I gear km/h 0–5.5
II gear km/h 0–11
III gear km/h 0–20
IV gear km/h 0–27
Reverse I gear km/h 0–7.5
Reverse II gear km/h 0–24
Max. climbing capacity grade 30
Turning angle of the frame grade 35
Min. turning radius mm 4546
Min. clearance to the ground mm 290
Pressure in hydraulic system MPa 16
Type of tyres 16/70–20
Fuel Tank l 85
Oil Tank for hydraulic system l 85
Dimensions (L ? W ? H) mm 5620 ? 2075 ? 2750
Weight t 6.2